Top Versus A Postage Meter

Wondering which online postage printing service is better – versus A Postage Meter? At first glance, these services don’t look much different from each other. Both of them allow you to print, mail, or ship straight from the comfort of your own home.

HOWEVER, a closer look will reveal that there is more to these services than meets the eye – and you are about to find about in this versus A Postage Meter match up! Let’s take a closer look… Service
After using this online postage printing website for quite some time now, I can definitely agree that, with this, you have your own personal Postal Office that you can access ’round the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And it’s NOT very surprising when you realize that has been developed in conjunction with the United States Postal Service (that’s USPS for short). It uses a specialized software that lets you calculate accurately and print official USPS postage straight from your home or office computer.

And get this, there is no additional software required! Heck, would even keep track of all of your postage expenses by using client codes. Not to mention you get all the flexibility that you would need…allowing you to determine and use optimal delivery methods, format them, and a whole lot more.

Making the deal even sweeter, you are entitled to postage discounts and massive savings that you won’t find anywhere else…NOT even at your local postal office!

Using is as easy as pie! Even a 12 year old kid could do it. First, you will be connected by the software (through the internet) to your Postage Account.

Next, you will input an address manually or choose one from your address book. To make the process even easier and breezier, allows you to import delivery addresses from your MS Outlook, QuickBooks, as well as other address books and contact management applications or programs. And anytime you want to, you can add or edit addresses and print postage straight from your MS Word, Outlook, Corel WordPerfect, and a whole lot more!

What could be easier than that?!

When it comes to weighing your packages and mails, you won’t have any problems whatsoever! Being a member of entitles you to a 5 lb. digital scale that allows you to accurately weigh envelopes, packages, mails, etc. NEVER again will you overpay or underpay for your postage!

Should you need a weighing scale for heavier packages, no problem! You can easily upgrade to a 25 lb. scale anytime with no questions asked.

Everything else that follows is pretty easy – will instantly calculate and you can print your exact postage. After doing so, you can send them off using your chosen mailing option – through your Postal Carrier, schedule a USPS pick up, or you can even drop them at your Post Office and you don’t have to fall in line!

Postage Meter
Now let’s have a closer look at the Postage Meter from the United States Postage Service. Postage meters by the way are machines or systems that deals with your home or office’s mailpieces…allowing you to print postage directly onto them. Just like the service from, you can track postage costs, use it to pay for additional services, and a whole lot more.

You may be thinking – what can I send with my USPS postage meter? Well, A LOT! You can send First Class Mail (which is the standard service) Priority Mail (this one averages 2-3 days for delivery…faster than the former), Express Mail, Package Services, International Mail, as well as Presorted First Class Mail that lets you send 500 pieces or even more…and get discount in the process.

Aside from that though, Postage Meter doesn’t offer more. It’s nice BUT you can definitely find better and more money saving online postage printing services out there.

Having used both of these services before, I must admit that clearly surpasses your usual Postage Meter from the postal office. Coming with its guns blazing…boasting different features, bells, and whistles that you won’t find anywhere else, is the clear winner in this Versus A Postage Meter match up!