Top Software Features and Advantages – this online postage printing service has taken the industry by storm. And it’s not very surprising why. You see, offers you all of the flexibility, ease, and money saving features that you could get when it comes to printing your postage and sending your packages.

BUT that wouldn’t be possible without the Shipping Software. You see, the software that powers is, by far, the smartest, fastest, and most reliable USPS shipping software you could ever lay your hands on. You can do everything that’s related to shipping with the USPS and shipping software – batch processing, ODBC integrations, smooth and flawless working with eBay, Yahoo, Google Checkout…all of these and more can be done with a flick of switch thanks to’s software.

The Free Software Makes All of Your Home Postage Printing Easy

The Free Software Makes All of Your Home Postage Printing Easy

Simplicity and efficiency – this is what the software is all about. Unbelievable? You better believe it! Why don’t we take a closer look at this revolutionary USPS shipping software that blew the competition out of the water… Software Features and Advantages 1
When it comes to rapid order fulfillment, the software is king! With it, you can retrieve your orders’ data straight from eBay, Yahoo, Google Checkout, and that’s just to name a few. Not to mention you can process and take on those orders in bulk. And with the fact that it comes with support for a high speed thermal printer as well as the function to automatically post back to your eBay store, processing those orders and getting those shipments to their destinations is a piece of cake! Software Features and Advantages 2
Are you using other applications or software in your business? NO PROBLEM! With the XML data export and import features, you get to have standardized format when you are interchanging data between your software and other applications.

Along with that, you can also write data into XML format and import them into your account without even breaking a sweat. PLUS, you can also process all of the orders in the file and print the postage in minutes. Software Features and Advantages 3
Synchronizing your data has never been easier with! With the shipping software that comes along with it, you can take and import all of your data from any data source or ODBC file in a moment’s notice.

And if you are using other shipping management software, don’t worry! This software is all geared up to seamlessly integrate with it. PLUS, the automatic address correction makes sure that no shipment would be lost in the process! Software Features and Advantages 4
Working in batches allows you to cover more ground…making sure that those precious minutes are spent on something more important. Apparently, the guys behind’s software understands this!

That is why they allow you to select multiple labels and print them all at the same time. You can also have a look, review your orders and keep those outstanding shipments on track. All of these and more make your workflow a lot simpler and reduces the required time to process those bulk volumes of orders. Software Features and Advantages 5
So your home based business is starting to bloom…getting more and more customers as time goes by? Yeah? Then you will surely love the Ecommerce features that comes along with’s software.

With this valuable application, you can have multiple profiles to be used for different clients or stores that you have online. Other features like hidden postages as well as email notifications make real time updates concerning client orders and shipments a piece of cake.

And the return shipping labels that you could create with it in no time make it easy for you to easily handle customer returns…saving you a lot of valuable time and effort.