Top Pro Plan Overview

As we all know it, is a MUST HAVE for small businesses who need to print postage for their letters, mails, packages, or shipments. I would go as far as saying that is the best online postage printing service you could ever lay your hands on.

BUT what if you need a service that would take good care of your high volume shipping needs? What if you need faster and better printing speeds, an expanded printer, commercial scale support, and a whole lot more? Can cover your mailing and shipping needs?

The answer – a deafening YES! Let me show you Professional Shipper Service. If you are on the hunt for powerful shipping features, this is the service for you!

Let’s take a closer look at what sets the Professional Shipper service in this Pro Plan Overview… Pro Plan Overview Point 1 – Integration
With the Professional Shipper, you get to retrieve order information straight from your data source (it could be anything like an Excel Spreadsheet or an SQL database) and you get to do it in auto pilot. All you have to do is configure an ODBC connection to your data source and you are all set to take care of your shipping needs.

You can use a bar code scanner to read the Oder number and everything will be taken care of by It will retrieve the order info and you can automatically print your shipping label. Additionally, you can post important shipping details, like the tracking number, shipping address, straight back to your source of data. Pro Plan Overview Point 2 – Faster Shipment…Fewer Interruptions
Having a printing speed of about 22 labels per minute and prints directly to your Zebra printer, there is no doubt that the Professional Shipper service is faster. Heck! It’s 50 percent faster than’s standard service. That means you get to save precious minutes and spend them in more important engagements or appointments. Not to mention you can process up to a whopping $5000 in postage and that is without refilling your account.

YES, the Professional Shipper service has been designed to keep up with your shipping and postal needs which are always moving forward. Pro Plan Overview Point 3 – Customization At Its Best!
With the Professional service, you have the power to customize as well as save profiles for every fulfillment clients as well as for your major shipping transactions. You can edit basically everything – from label graphics, database mappings, shipping references, and more. And you get to do all of those with a single click of a mouse.

What if you already have all of the high performance equipment that you need to get your shipping needs taken care of?

Well, NO PROBLEM! You see, the Professional service can integrate very easily and smoothly with Mettler Tolede, Weightronics Scales, and other high performance thermal label printers like Zebra (the S4M or even the 140Xilll). Along with that, you can use a USB bar code scanner that makes it even easier for you to order entries faster and smoother!

And we are just getting started by the way!

Industry leaders when it comes to shipping management systems like TrueShips’s ReadyShipper, Shipworks, as well as NexxShip have no problems integrating and working smoothly with the Professional Service.

No matter what your shipping needs are – whether you are a small and home based businessman who needs to mail out every single day, or if you want to take things to the next level and mail ’round the clock, one thing is for sure – has the service for you!

Give the Professional service a shot, and you are sure to see how convenient, easy, and smooth sailing it is to take care of your mailing and shipping needs.