Top Vs. Endicia vs. Endicia – which of these online postage printing services is better? As we all know, especially if you are someone who sends out packages often, mailing your shipments through USPS first class mail is, by far, the most affordable option…not to mention it is way faster than settling for UPS.

BUT here is the problem – you also need to include or add a delivery confirmation as well as insurance. So what does that mean? That means everytime you need to send a package out, you need to wait in line at the post office and stand there for the long hours to come. I don’t know about you BUT that’s not the most pleasant and convenient thing to do…especially if you have something more important to attend to.

And now here comes 2 online postage printing services to the rescue – (which costs you $16 a month) and (which is priced at $10 a month). By looking at what they do, I must say that the price is very modest and very reasonable.

The Software
In this Vs. Endicia comparison, let’s take a look at the latter first. With, you just have to copy and paste the name as well as addresses from the receipt page to the Dazzle software. This software does all of the grunt work. It pumps out a very professional looking label that comes with a pre printed bar code stamp. This is something that does too…and it does so excellently.

At this department, both and Endicia do a good job of helping your business get the branding it needs…making the right first impressions to your customers and spreading the word about your businesses.

Postage Weighing Scales
HOWEVER, when it comes to accurately weighing your packages and shipments, with Endicia, you do need to buy your own weighing scale. This is where pulls ahead. When you become a member of, you are entitled to receive the 5 lb digital weighing scale. This ensures that you don’t overpay or underpay for postage, which as we all know is a HUGE hassle. Should you need a weighing scale for bigger and heavier packages, at, you can always upgrade to a 25 lb digital weighing scale.

Delivery Confirmation
Now onto the Delivery Confirmation. If you have used this service before, I’m sure you are familiar with the $0.65 extra charge for every package. HOWEVER, since both and Endicia are communicating directly with the US Postal Service servers, the delivery confirmation is FREE and its automatic…making these services more cheaper and practical than just getting a regular US postal insurance.

Everything else is sweet and easy. You just have to use regular paper (or you can have rolls of shipping labels printed with, tape it on your mail piece, drop it into any mailbox, and VIOLA! You are all done. Gone are the days when you have to wait and fall in line.

Overall, however, I found that the software from is a lot easier to use. Not to mention it comes with more discounts (especially if you are sending packages in bulk or high volume), which is handy if your business requires you to do so all the time.

For this Vs. Endicia, I would have to tip my hats off to but by a slim margin. Both services are highly recommended…BUT if you want to squeeze the best bang for your buck, by all means go for!