Top Review – Everything You Need To Know About This Online Postage Service

Try to receive $80 in postage goodies today. – a quick look at the internet will reveal that this website is one of the more popular online postage services that the industry has to offer.

Who Is Right For?
If you are running a business that needs mailing out letters or shipping packages to different places all over the country, if you are someone who loves sending letters or postcards to your loved ones and relatives, and if falling in line to buy postage doesn’t sound like a great idea to you, then is something that you want to take a closer and better look at. offers considerable savings on Express and Priority Mail postage and FedEx shipments. If you mail internationally, offers you up to 8% off USPS retail rates as well.

Create Unique Custom Stamps With’s PhotoStamps
A couple of months ago, was a totally new service to me, and I (along with my kids) really loved the custom postage stamps (with my dog’s picture on it) that their system allowed me to create. I love these stamps! I don’t just stick them on any letter and I’m guarding them like gold. HOWEVER, I love the service itself more! Never have I seen an online postage service that is so easy and convenient to use that you are tempted to think that it’s too good to be true.

I’m pretty sure you have a lot of questions concerning this online postage website. Let’s have them answered in this review. Review – The Basics
Obviously, is an online postage service where you would find anything that relates to online postage. You can purchase them in bulk, have them printed to your envelope straight away, create stamps of your own, and everything in between. Whether you are a businessman who works from home or someone who just wants to ship letters and packages, you will find to be of great use.

What I really like is the fact that you don’t need any special or expensive hardware to start taking advantage of this online postage and stamps service. A computer, an internet connection, a printer, and decent knowledge of how to surf the internet – those are all the tools you need to start creating your own stamps, printing them, sticking them on your package, and shipping them. You can also check out my earlier review if you would like to read my impressions of the software.

What could be easier than that!

Learn more about’s benefits here.

PhotoStamps – Creating Your Own Stamps
Creating your postage stamps with is UNBELIEVABLY easy! Although it would cost you a little fortune, in my opinion, the personal touch and the smiles that every custom made stamps draw out is worth every single penny.

And all I had to do is this – first, click on PhotoStamps, this is a tab located on top of the main page and you can now search for the pictures that you want included in your postage and upload it. The process is very intuitive. If you have uploaded images on Facebook, Friendster, PhotoBucket, then you can easily upload images to

After uploading your images, it will take around 10 seconds or so for the image to show up on the screen. From there, you can do everything you want with it – rotate it, flip it, zoom it – you can do basic and simple editing with your images thanks to’s interface. After you are done editing your chosen and uploaded image, you can now start printing your stamps.

For a sheet of 20 stamps, the cost would be at $17.99, for 2 to 9 stamps the price is at $15.99. That is what I paid for since I got two sheets for these. At this point, you can also choose the denomination of the postage stamps that you want. You will find anywhere from the regular $0.39 stamps, $0.24 postcard stamps, and more.

BUT the bottom line – the stamps are of high quality that it doesn’t really matter how much they cost. That’s how fantastic these stamps from are!

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