How To Get A Free Postage Scale

So you’re excited about switching over to using instead of wasting time and money standing in line at the post office. What’s even better, is actually offering you a FREE postage scale just for trying their service. That’s great, but what exactly is the advantage of having a postal scale anyway? When it comes to cost, time, and convenience, having a postage scale gives you way more value than you ever bargained for. Let’s take a look at what a postage scale is, and why you’ll wonder how you ever made it without one.

What You Need To Know About the Postage Scale's free postage scale's free postage scale

The postage scale is simply a device which weighs your envelopes and packages in order to determine the accurate amount of postage needed to ship your item. This way, you’ll never have to worry about overpaying or underpaying for your postage again. Unlike other services, the postage scale does not require that you also rent a separate postage meter. The scale connects directly to your computer and works seamlessly with the software.

The postage scale is what truly enables you to have your own 24/7 post office. In the past, you would probably use the standard stamp for most letters, but have to make a trip to the post office for anything larger. One of the benefits of having a postage scale is that it will typically save you anywhere from 10-15% on postage. Those savings, combined with various postage discounts you will receive, means more money added to the bottom line. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to avoid those additional hidden fees typically charged when using a postage meter.

And your efficiency levels will increase as well. You simply place your item on the postage scale; select the mail service and class you would like to use, and print out your shipping label to affix on your package. The postage scale you receive from doesn’t make matters complicated with any additional equipment that will only take time out of your busy day. gives you a simple solution which allows you to quickly and easily handle all of your postage needs.

So now that you understand the importance of having a postage scale, and why the postage scale beats having to pay for both a postage meter and a scale, it’s time to get hands on experience with the postage scale. Whether it’s because of the cost savings, or the time and convenience factors, you will find that your postage scale is a vital tool in making your day more productive. Eliminate the cost and hassle of dealing with postage meters and the post office once and for all.