Best Online Postage Services That You Should Know About

Some Online Postal Services You Should Know About

Some Online Postal Services You Should Know About

The World Wide Web – I’m pretty sure you would agree that, with the myriads of online services that are now available to everyone and everywhere, the advent of this technology gave convenience a whole new meaning! And one of the recent services developed and unveiled through the internet are online postage services, which are being taken advantage of by millions of individuals who love to ship or mail and business owners as well.

HOWEVER, with myriads of online postage services available, things could get a little confusing. With thousands of companies claiming to have the best online postage service you could ever lay your hands on, how are you to decide which one to go for? But worry not, by reading this article, you can narrow down your search and set your sights on the five of the best online postage services that have been tried and tested – proven to meet the strict standards set forth by the United States Post Office.

Let’s have a closer look…

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First on our list would be Click N Ship. Just in case you don’t know, they are the official online postage supplier for the United States Postal Service. Express Mail, Priority Mail, Global Express, Global Priority Mail, Global Express Guaranteed – these are just some of the services available through Click N Ship online postage service.

For Priority Mail labels, they even include a free Delivery Confirmation (which you would have to pay for a couple of cents otherwise) and signature proof of delivery if you have your package shipped through Express Mail. Along with that, for a very affordable additional fee, you can take advantage of add-ons like Signature Confirmation as well as USPS insurance from Click N Ship.

They even include a link to the Postal Store – a place where you can grab all of the stamps and shipping supplies that you need to get things rolling without the hassle and mess of falling in line and fighting the crowd at your local post office.

There are truckloads of other features that I could talk about here. BUT here’s the bottom line –Click N Ship won’t be the official postage supplier for United States Postal Service without a very good reason!

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Are you someone who loves to sell stuff through eBay? If you answered yes to that, then you will surely love the online postage solution provided by no other than eBay and PayPal. With it, you can easily purchase postage, print labels, and pay for everything with your PayPal account. One nice thing about eBay’s online postage solution is the fact that you don’t need a USPS account nor will you need any form of pre-funding, installation of any software, etc. that other online postage services require.

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I saved what I consider the best for last – This website allows you to manage ALL of your postage needs without breaking a sweat. Everything – from buying postage, printing labels, mailing your packages, and everything in between, has been approved by the US Postal Service. Aside from that, they also offer a risk free trial if you want to get a taste of how they run their service. No need to get your hands wet or waste money if you suddenly realized that the service is NOT for you.

Along with that, for new customers, they can even get a free digital scale that saves you like $25 or so. has pretty much everything covered – customized stamps, labels, shipping confirmation methods, etc. I’m giving this online postage service my HIGHEST recommendations!