Top History and Background is an online company that provides mailing and shipping services in conjunction with the United States Postal Service. The project was first unveiled in 1998 and since then has gone on to provide a large number of services to individuals and businesses wanting to manage their postage online, saving users time and effort by allowing them to print stamps from the convenience of their own home or office.

The United States Postal Service unveiled the idea of an internet based postage resource in 1998 that would provide digitally encoded stamps over the internet. At this time the new service was described by the Postmaster General, Marvin T. Runyon, as “available, on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. Such convenience is something that would greatly attract many customers who were looking to cut out time spent queuing at the post office, and who wanted to be completely in control of their postage needs.

The first service under this description was known as E-Stamp, who successfully gained USPS approval for beta testing but unfortunately were forced to sell in 2001. Its domain and patents were bought by the digital postage company, and the service took off from there. The service had become so successful that in 2003 Microsoft released a beta version of its Office software that included an inbuilt feature using where users could print their own postage.

The new service, PhotoStamps, was introduced in August 2004 which allows users to upload their own photos and graphics on their computers to create completely unique postage stamps. Whilst had previously printed pictures on its stamps before, from famous presidents to sports and landmarks, this was the first time that users could be in complete control of the design of their stamps. have extended their service in recent years to include the easy printing of stamps, envelopes and delivery labels, as well as including a great weighing system connected to their software. There is also the ability to see delivery estimates, and to send automatic delivery notifications to recipients. is a reliable website for your postage needs, in cooperation with the US Postal Service to offer you all delivery options but form the comfort of your own home or office.