Top Benefits – What Made This Online Postage Service A Cut Above The Rest Of The Pack

I have been using and experiencing the ease of use, convenience, etc. of’s online postage service for about three months now and I can’t tell you enough how much I love it. I got a couple of coupons in the mail through a trade, and I found out that the lady who sent it to me used’s service. I was mesmerized by the envelopes’ look; I thought it was pretty awesome and I immediately went to’s website to check everything out. Has Great Benefits That Other Online Postage Sites Dont Offer Has Great Benefits That Other Online Postage Sites Don't Offer

And I’m glad I did!

Why is that? Well, let me show you benefits that no other online postage service and website could give you. Believe me, after this, you will be a lover and believer! Benefits – 2 Membership Options For Maximum Flexibility
Eager to be part of, I noticed that they have 2 options to choose from when you join. First, you can go for the basic service that gives me about $20 in free postage and has a monthly fee of $1.99 (as the minimum amount) or the 10 percent of the amount postage that you use.

On the other hand, if you are someone who sends out packages and letters ‘round the clock, then you could go for the premium service that gives you $40 in free postage, a postage scale (with no additional fee), and other time saving and convenient features for a monthly fee of $14.95. While I do send out packages a lot, I still find the basic (but excellent) service to be suitable for me. Benefits – Convenience And Ease Of Use
Well, I’m not a computer expert and I wasn’t very sure how to check if my computer and printer could do envelopes. HOWEVER, with the aid of’s easy to understand guide, I was able to figure everything out, apply the right settings, and now my printer works great for printing postage stamps either straight to the envelope or on labels and in batches.

When you are purchasing online postage, your purchase should be at least $10. As for me, I didn’t find any problems with this since this is ‘round about the amount of postage I use every month. The very minimal fee of $1.99 is more than worth it. For someone who doesn’t own a car, not needing to go to the postal office to buy postage stamps is fantastic! Benefits – Excellent Customer Service
As for’s customer service, I’m giving it two thumbs up! It’s excellent. When it comes to answering my questions and helping me figure out what’s wrong when I’m not able to print the postage I want, their customer service is very speedy. Apparently, my son uninstalled the program that needs to run to start printing postage on my computer. This was easily remedied by the customer service personnel that I was talking to.

There were also a couple of times that my envelopes did NOT print out the way I want it to be. And the bad news is that the postage is now gone out of your account even if you haven’t used the envelope. BUT don’t worry. You see, you can send the messed up envelopes to and you can rely on them to be quick when it comes to putting the unused postage back in your account.

Matter of fact, when I had 3 messed up postage and envelopes, I was reimbursed not only for the 3 messed up envelopes BUT also for the $0.34 that I paid for mailing these to them!