Printing Postage Stamps: A New User’s Tutorial

Once you are signed up with, the benefits begin immediately. You will receive $80.00 worth of extras as a new customer. But as excited as you are about reaping the benefits of a account, you may also need a thorough overview of how the entire process works. Let’s take a look at the bonuses you receive as a new customer, and go over how printing postage online works. This way, you will not have to delay in enjoying your own 24/7 Post Office.

You Start Off With Free Postage Ready For Use
Right off the bat you are going to start receiving value from your account. As a new customer, you are going to receive $25.00 in FREE postage, $5.00 of which you will be able to use during your initial 4-week trial, plus an additional $20.00 in postage to be used after you decide to keep your account. Let’s not forget the FREE 5lb. digital scale, which has a retail value of $50.00. And your FREE Supplies Kit will start you off with $5.00 in postage labels and a user manual. With these bonuses, you will have everything you need to begin using your account.

Overview Of The Stamps.Com Software
Now you have everything you need to begin using, including your internet connection, printer, and our exclusive software. The provided software connects you to your account, where you will input the address where your shipment will be delivered. You will also have the option of importing the shipment information from your favorite address book or contact management software. gives you many options, including the ability to print postage directly from MS Word, Outlook, and Corel WordPerfect.

How Your Postage Stamp Cost Is Calculated
After all of the details of your shipment are entered, you will weigh your package using the FREE 5lb. digital scale included with your account. simplifies the process so that there is no need for additional hardware. The digital scale is connected directly to your computer and integrated with the software. If you tend to send items heavier than 5 lbs., you do have the option of upgrading to our 25 lb. scale.

The software will instantly calculate your postage and print the exact amount on standard labels, envelopes, or plain paper. You will also be given an estimate of your delivery times, so that you may make the best selection of mail class based on your needs. The USPS database is used to validate your delivery address. Your account may even be setup so that an email is automatically sent by to your recipient in order to inform them that the package is in transit.

Sending Your Package Off For Delivery
Once you have printed your postage and affixed it to your package, you have several options for sending the package off. You may hand it directly to your mail carrier, schedule a pickup with USPS, drop it off at the Post Office, or put it in a mail collection box. When dropping in a mail collection box, your postage will actually allow you to bypass the 16 oz. limit restriction.

Once your package is in transit, makes it easy to track without long tracking numbers. A detailed record of your postage spending will be kept in your account, and can be printed for easy reporting.

As you can see, from the very beginning makes it easy to begin using your online postal service. At no time will you be left wondering how to proceed with enjoying the benefits of your account.