Print Your Own Stamp Designs With PhotoStamps

If you are looking to print your own stamps then it may also be a great idea to customize them exactly how you wish. A great way of doing this is through the online stamp printing service, PhotoStamps, which is an extension of the service offered at The service is completely authorized by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is a convenient way to print colorful and original stamps.

photostamps-exampleWhat Are PhotoStamps?
So how does PhotoStamps work? The software allows you to take your own images and photographs and turn them into US postage stamps. It is as simple as uploading your photograph and customizing it using the provided easy-to-use photo editing tools. You can zoom in on your image, select different borders, rotate and move your image so it looks just the way you want it on the stamp. Once you have done this you can place your order depending on the amount of stamps and the denomination that you need.

PhotoStamps may be a great choice for you if you are celebrating a special occasion that requires you to send lots of mail. This might include invitations to a birthday party or a wedding, or even letters announcing the birth of a new baby or a change of address. The stamps give a personal touch to the mail, and they will also help to make the letter look professional and exciting. The stamps will be completely unique, and many buyers even choose to frame them as a family treasure for years to come.

PhotoStamps is not just recommended for personal users, though, where businesses may find great benefits in using the service. A great idea is to print the company logo so that it will be present on each and every piece of mail sent out, or special stamps could be made signifying events or new products. Using these unique stamps will help to create an image of your business that it instantly recognizable by customers, and completely professional, helping to build your brand image and increase customer loyalty.

PhotoStamps can be purchased in a number of denominations ranging from 26 cent postcards, and 41 cent regular first class to $4.60 for packages to meet all of your needs. They are completely valid postage stamps, in association with the US Postal Service, and are a guaranteed way to customize your mail in a way that everyone will notice.