Print Postage At Home – Easy To Understand Steps To Follow

Are you selling on Amazon or eBay? Are you running a home based business that requires you to ship or mail packages frequently? Do you hate fighting the crowd and falling in line at the postal office for long hours? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then get this –all you need is a computer, a printer, and an internet connection to turn your home into your own postage center where you can get all of the postage and stamps you need without any mess or hassle.

No Time For Lines At the Post Office? Print Your Postage Online!

No Time For Lines At the Post Office? Print Your Postage Online!

If you are left wondering how you can print postage at home without breaking a sweat, then let me show you the easy to understand steps that you need to follow to get things rolling in the right direction. Here they are:

Print Postage At Home – Step 1
First and foremost, you need to gear up – prepare your packages for the shipment at your home. This is faster, easier, and more efficient than spending valuable gas to drive to the post office, take your kids with you, load everything into the car and unload them later, and wait in line. When you print postage at home, you don’t have to!

Heck you can even multi-task and do equally important tasks while you are preparing your mail outs or shipments instead of standing in line and wasting precious time that you can spend in expanding your business instead!

Print Postage At Home – Step 2
After you are done preparing your packages and shipments, you need to grab a postal scale to accurately weigh your packages and determine how much postage you need to get them shipped to their destination. The good news is that you can easily get one. You can go to office supply stores like Walmart and you can go home with a brand new postal scale for only $10.

Alternatively, you can get one for free by just subscribing to an online postage service like Believe me, with truckloads of features that make printing postage at home easy, convenient, and time saving, this is something you definitely want to do!

Print Postage At Home – Step 3
Are you preparing multiple packages at home on a regular basis? If you are, then you definitely want to talk to USPS and have your package picked up. Worry not, carrier pick up won’t cost you even a single dime. It’s all part of their job. You definitely want to get all the help that you can so never ever hesitate to use it. Matter of fact, they recommend that you do! Doing so will help cut down the line and the crowd at the local post office.

All you have to do is log in to and you can schedule your package and mail pick ups from there.

Print Postage At Home – Step 4
Now here comes the part where you have to get your postage printed online. And by far, is the best online postage service. Easy, convenient, and affordable – there is nothing more that you can ask for. You can print almost any kind of postage at – and that includes FCI (an option that other online postage services don’t offer).

Print Postage At Home – Step 5
One last reminder – every shipping option needs a different label. So you better understand what label size you need to use and what is the cost of each. At, they allow you to print postage and shipping labels on a blank piece of paper. This has helped people significantly cut down the time and money they spend on labels, definitely worth checking out!