Print Postage And Stamps At Your PC


Whether you need a roll of stamps or full-fledged post office operations, has you covered.

When the internet hype was in full swing, one of the promises we were sold on was the idea that we would no longer have to worry about paying for stamps or taking trips to the post office. E-mail was going to rid us of these cumbersome tasks once and for all. Of course, nowadays, we know that it is nearly impossible to avoid the United States Postal Service. Packages must be shipped, and there are items such as sensitive documents which still rely on old-fashioned snail mail.

But one way the internet has changed our lives is that we now have the ability to save both time and money by buying and printing postage directly from our computers. is hands down the best service around for someone who needs their own personal post office, open 24 hours a day. is much more than a service which allows you to print postage stamps. You also have the ability to weigh your packages and envelopes to determine exact postage costs, and track your shipments online.

Let’s take a look at how using compares with standing in line at the post office.

Eliminate The Need For Trips To The Post Office
In the past, when you needed more stamps or you had a package to send, it often involved taking time out of your busy schedule to make a trip to the post office. Of course, it didn’t help that post office hours often coincide with your own work schedule. And what if you have multiple packages to send? Who wants to lug those boxes around? With, it’s a simple matter of logging on, entering the amount of postage you need, and printing it out in the comfort of your home. You can even print directly to your envelopes, for a more professional look. Now, you may be wondering what good that’s going to do if you have packages that require more than the standard postal rates. Well, has you covered there as well.

Print postage from your very own PC!

Print postage from your very own PC!

Improve Your Productivity, Waste Less Time
For small business owners, productivity is a must. Standing in line at the post office waiting for packages to be weighed is not considered a high-productivity activity. solves this problem by providing you with a free 5 pound digital scale. And if you ship heavier packages, you can upgrade to a heavier scale. From there, it’s a simple matter of scheduling a USPS pick up. With, you are even able to import delivery addresses automatically from Outlook, QuickBooks, and many more programs. The scale also ensures that you never underpay or overpay for your postage. Of course once your packages are sent off, you want to make sure they reach the desired destinations. makes tracking your packages easy as well.

Get Free Delivery Confirmation And More!
With, you receive free Delivery Confirmation on all items shipped via Priority Mail. That same service at the post office will cost you extra money. And compared to that trip to the post office, will actually give you discounts on Express Mail and Priority Mail. And there’s even insurance available to protect any valuables you may be shipping.

Although the internet has not completely eliminated the postal service from our lives, at least has made it so we never have to step foot inside of another post office again. Instead of waiting in line, save yourself some time and money by taking advantage of what has to offer.