FAQs About Printing Postage

How exactly do I print postage with
First, you weigh the letter or package you wish to mail on the free postage scale provides you with. Then, using’s free software, you can choose which service and USPS mail class you wish to use.

You can then print and affix your postage to your package, and simply drop it in the nearest mailbox or hand it off to your local mail carrier. The postage amount is automatically deducted from your account, and there’s no extra charge to print postage.

What exactly can I do through
Anything you can do at the post office, and more! Print shipping labels and stamps directly from your printer. You can even print directly on envelopes, if desired.

Keep your mail safe with insurance or get free delivery confirmation on Priority Mail®. Easily track how much you’ve spent on postage for the month with’s reporting features.

As a new user, what would I get for joining introductory package gives you a free $5 in postage to start out with and see how you like the service.

If you decide to continue with after the 4-week trial period, you get another $20 in free postage ($10 each month), as well as a digital postage scale (valued at $50), for a total of $80 in goodies.

How does the no-risk trial work?
Sign up for a account, and try out their service. You can cancel anytime before the 4 week trial ends for any reason, and will refund you 100% of your money.

What is allows you to print postage in the convenience of your home or office, without the need for any special equipment. With just a computer and a printer, you will have your very own 24-hour Post Office.

How exactly does this work?
Using the scale to weigh your package, you will then input the service you would like to use and USPS mail class into’s special software, which connects you to your account through the internet. Once your postage has been calculated, you will print out your shipping label and affix it to your package. The postage amount will be automatically subtracted from your account.

What services are available on
Using as your personal Post Office, you will be able to print stamps and shipping labels. You also have the option of printing direct to your envelopes. You have access to’s discounted shipping insurance. You can receive FREE Electronic Delivery confirmation on all Priority Mail shipments. You can also use to keep track of your postage expenses, with the ability to use client codes and reporting.

What is’s No-Risk Trial?
As a new customer, you will receive your first 4 weeks of on a trial basis, at absolutely no risk to you. If you cancel within that 4-week period, you will not be charged for the service. If you decide that you want to keep using, your account will continue automatically.

What do I get for trying
As a new customer, you will receive $5.00 in FREE postage to use during your 4-week trial. You will also receive a Supplies Kit with $5.00 worth of postage labels and your user manual. In addition, you receive the FREE 5lb Digital Scale ($50 retail value) which is yours to keep whether you continue the service or not. You will only pay Shipping & Handling for the scale. Plus you receive $20.00 in postage coupons that you can redeem once the 4-week trial ends.

How much does the service cost? is only $17.99 per month, with no hidden fees or early termination charges. You may cancel the service at anytime.

Are there discounts available with
You will receive discounts of 3% on Express Mail and up to 11% on Priority Mail. For overseas shipments, you will receive a 5% discount on Priority Mail International, and 8% on Express Mail International. You can also save up to 21% on Fed-Ex shipments through our Premier Plan. You can’t find these discounts at a Post Office or with postage meters!

What happens if I cancel?
Unlike with postage meters, there are no early termination fees as you are not tied into a long-term contract with

Does allow batch mailing?
It’s easy to facilitate batch mailing via, as you can import address book information from other software, or manage your addresses using the software.

I’d like to track my postage expenses. Is that possible?
Definitely. You will receive an accurate accounting of your postage spending (ideal for businesses), and can even use your own internal reference codes.

How does compare to using postage meters?
There are none of the additional fees or long-term commitments associated with postage meters. And you receive substantial discounts on Express Mail and Priority Mail.

Does allow multiple users?
Yes. The Multi-User option can be used to track individual postage spending under one account, and will enable multiple users to access the account and print postage at the same time.

Do I have to buy any special labels?
Not at all. Your postage can be printed on standard labels, plain paper, and envelopes. If you use our NetStamps postage stamp alternative, you will have to buy our NetStamps labels for a nominal fee.

Will I be able to use a Mac with
We’re working on enabling Mac users to be able to use If you are using an Intel-based Mac with Windows or a Mac with PC-emulation software, you can use the service.

Is there a Enterprise Solution?
Yes. We have an Enterprise Reporting Center where you can learn more about implementing across multiple networked offices, and get more detailed reporting on postage spending.

About was approved by the USPS in 1999, and is the leading provider of online postage services. With over 400,000 customers, having printed more than $1 billion in postage, is up to 80% less expensive than most postage meters.