Custom Postage Stamps Online

With PhotoStamps, you can create your very own personalized stamps.

With PhotoStamps, you can create your very own personalized stamps.

So you’re someone who loves to add personal touch to everything that you do? If you answered yes to that question, then you’ll definitely want to know more about the PhotoStamps service that has taken the postage and stamps world by storm! It’s a great way to add personalization to items and packages that you mail out. If you haven’t heard of them before, then reading this article could give you a great start.

Now get this before anything else – personalized and custom postage stamps aren’t something that you could lay your hands on through the post office. You need access to the internet to get hold of these custom postage stamps. And here’s the good news – there are a lot of online services that allow you to personally create your USPS approved stamps. And what about the process involved? It’s very easy. Kidding aside, it only takes 3 very simple and very easy to understand steps for you to create a custom postage stamp through the PhotoStamps service that you can be proud of!

So without further adieu, let’s check out these 3 steps that PhotoStamps and other custom postage services online follow…

Step #1: Upload Your Photograph to PhotoStamps
First and foremost, you should upload a photograph to PhotoStamps. Be picky with the picture you’re going to use. Remember this is the picture that would be used in your stamps. Along with that, the photo that you’re going to use should follow the guidelines that are outlined by PhotoStamps. In light of that, take the time to read the terms and conditions concerning the photos that you’re allowed to upload.

Step #2: Customize Your Postage Stamp
This is where the meaty and busy part lies – time to customize your postage design! In this step, there are different pre-made designs and you have the ability to create one yourself. You will see the type of stamp that you are making. PhotoStamps has some of the best pre made designs for custom photo stamps online. There are other good services out there, BUT if you’re going to ask me, you can never go wrong with PhotoStamps service! You have a lot of customization options.

Step #3: Pay For Your Stamps and Print
Done designing you’re your custom photo stamp with PhotoStamps service? Yeah? Perfect! All that’s left for you to do now is to pay for the service and you’re all set! Now there are different rates for different services. PhotoStamps’ prices and rates for customized photo stamps are reasonable and affordable. They give you the best bang for your buck.

Whether you want to create customized postage stamps for Christmas, for your wedding, for your anniversary or whatever occasion you have in mind, PhotoStamps is a great service. With these customized postage stamps, you can now show the whole world how much fun you like to have. And it’s also a valuable tool for creating and establishing your brand and organization in your chosen industry if you’re a starting business owner. There’s no doubt about it, the uses of these services are limitless!

Why not give it a shot and see what I’m talking about?