Beginner’s Guide To Printing Postage Online provides a great way to calculate and print your own official USPS postage stamps from the convenience of your own home. This is a completely online service designed for use on any PC and in conjunction with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

All You Need is a PC and Printer
It may seem like printing and working out your stamp needs may be a complicated process, but it is really very simple. All you need to use the service is an internet connection as well as a printer, and you will need to download the software. Once you have all of these you can start to calculate which stamps you will need and print them off: it is as simple as that!

When you have downloaded the software it will allow you to connect and log on to your the account which will store the cost of all the stamps you use. The service itself has a monthly fee of $17.99, well worth it for its time and money saving benefits that will save you on trips to the Post Office.

Enter in the Necessary Details
The first thing you need to do is enter a delivery address. The software makes this very easy, by giving you the option to import addresses from programs such as Outlook, QuickBooks and others, or you can add addresses yourself, at any time.

Once you have chosen your address you will need to weigh your package to help calculate the stamp requirements. provides a 5lb digital scale to ensure completely accurate readings by connecting this scale directly to the PC and the software. This weighing system will allow you to pay the exact amount required, and if you have a heavier package you can upgrade to’s 25 lb. scale whenever you are ready.

After your packages have been weighed the program will instantly calculate the exact costs and let you print the correct postage, either on a label, the envelope itself or plain paper. The service will show you all of the delivery options and timescales so that you can choose a delivery service that matches your needs and your budget.

Some of the great features of the service include the fact that it can automatically send an email to the recipient to let them know their package is on the way, as well as allowing you to print postage directly from MS Word, Outlook and Corel WordPerfect.

All you need to do is attach the labels to your packages and send them off – it’s really as simple as that.